• Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush BN3

Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush BN3

Mason Pearson

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Editors Notes: The handy size Mason Pearson is perfect for shorter hair styles or even men. For years the quality of Mason Pearson has been celebrated by celebrity hair dressers, socialites and models alike. No hair care regime is complete without a luxurious hair brush to evenly distribute oils, maintain scalp circulation and keep a polish appearance. xoxo- MPTE


The Mason Pearson Handy Boar Bristle/Nylon Mixture Hair Brush (BN3) is a "handy" size brush with 6 rings of boar bristle & nylon tufts. This size falls between the medium and pocket size brush. The boar bristle/nylon mix is recommended for normal to thick hair while the handy size makes it ideal for short to medium length hair. The single spike of nylon facilitates the boar bristle getting to the hair and scalp by creating separation for the bristle to come through. Also comes with small cleaning brush.

Length: 8.5 inches / 21.59 cm
Width: 2.5 inches / 6.35 cm
Head: 4.37 inches / 11.09 cm

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